Meet Cinthol Original Soap. Trusted by families and recommended by doctors.

Cinthol, started in 1952, was India's first deodorant and complexion soap brand. Initially, it was the epitome of the alpha male, but over the years has evolved to become the perfect soap for the entire family.

It has high total fatty matter (TFM), which keeps your skin healthy and glowing.For higher the TFM content in the soap, better its quality.

In today's times of irrepressible pollution, this soap acts as your screen guard, preventing your skin from rashes, pimples and blemishes. In fact, with everyday use, Cinthol Original Soap reduces the risk of skin problems by up to 95%. Even Doctor Amma trusts it to keep her family protected.

The aroma of Cinthol Original captivates your senses, and leaves you feeling fresh for extended hours. 
Moreover, this soap energises you to go through your day without a break. 
Be it a range of arduous tasks or just plain fun, Cinthol Original Soap is here to watch your back.

Cinthol Original Soap- filled with freshness and fun. Alive is awesome.

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