Meet Cinthol Original

7th,October, 2017

Cinthol’s journey started in 1952 as India’s first deodorant cum complexion soap brand. It is also the first soap in India to be manufactured from vegetable oils rather than animal fats. This practice exemplified the company’s conviction and paved its way towards progress.

Over a period of time, the brand reinvented itself in response to the evolving market. Yet its core values remained intact. Today, despite the availability of a variety of soap brands in the market, Cinthol is rooted firmly in the consumers’ minds.

To keep pace with the changing times, the brand rose from the soap spectrum, and evolved into deostick, deo spray, talc and shower gel. Be it any form, Cinthol just doesn’t fail to evoke energy, confidence and freshness in its users.

Today, Cinthol has stepped beyond a personal care brand. Its philosophy is summarized in the statement – 'Alive is Awesome'. Cinthol believes in living a worthwhile life through amazing experiences.